The literal translation of "digital signage" in Bulgarian, if the essence of this technology is not properly understood, could mislead, that this is only a replacement of the well-known paper posters with digital displays. In fact, this is just one of the multiple functionalities of a New Digital Media (NDM).


NDM is a system that consists of a number of digital devices and multimedia content. Actually, the system could be considered as an information center that offers interactivity and rich multimedia content addressed to a certain target audience located in a particular place at a particular time. The visible part of the system is a set of screens, of various sizes, as well as other types of video terminals that are installed in different distant locations. All screens have to be connected in a network and the broadcasting of the media content is managed centrally and in real time.


The New Digital Media could be established in any place, where there is a large flow of passing by or waiting people, such as retail stores, hospitals, schools, transport, restaurants, hotels, casinos, showrooms, administrative offices and many others. NDM offers a lot of benefits and advantages in any area of application.






Science and EducationScience and Education


Hotel and CasinoHotel and Casino








Administrative OfficesAdministrative Offices





We offer a complete solution for implementation of the New Digital Media – including infrastructure deployment, content design, content distribution and remote management and maintenance of the system software and hardware.
Infrastructure deployment
We advise our customers regarding the proper position and location of the displays and build the entire network infrastructure. The screens type depends directly on their operating mode and position. The digital media systems could be installed both in-doors and outdoors.
Content design
Multimedia content is vital for the effective functioning of NDM. Before launching the system we prepare a set of templates that can then easily be used and modified by local administrators.
Content distribution and management
“Emocion Studio” software program allows creating a schedule for specified items of media content and then determining the particular locations and the particular moment for their visualization.
Software and hardware maintenance
The web based software application that manages the entire system is supported by Risk Electronics headquarters in Sofia. If on-site support is needed, our system service engineers will visit the customer. The company locates at least one employee - a systems engineer, who is available for customer inquiries, in every regional center of the country.