Terminal solutions

Terminal solution Diana from RISK Electronics


Our solution is very close to so-called “Real PC experience”. Working with a virtual machine (VM) is taken as working with a PC, but still keeping all advantages of terminal solution. Every single terminal client works with its own VM, ported on the server. All virtual machines are created by the system administrator, who defines the needed resources like number of processors cores, RAM, HDD, interfaces and so on, for each of the VMs. It is possible, multiplicity of VMs to be made and each VM can be customized with specific settings, productivity applications. At a moment only few of them can be active (those, which are started).

Each user gets their own virtual workspace which cannot be accessed by other users whilst a common shared space can be created on the server for all users.


Video content played through standalone media players or embedded into web pages may be trans-coded, streamed and locally decoded at full frame rates.

Virtualization is made on different host operating systems (Windows, Linux). VM uses guest operating system (can be different for each VM).


Some of the benefits of our Diana solution are listed below:


Low cost – slash hardware costs by 75% with one server shared by multiple users; achieve higher utilization rates with centralized hardware upgrades and software licensing; reduce power consumption with 5 watts per user.


Easy management – increase productivity of IT staff to support more users; minimize unplanned downtime; free to IT staff from travel for trouble-shooting workstations with remote control at the server end.


High reliability - strong security management, monitoring and control over the clients and network transmissions ensure compliance with data security and records retention policies; low maintenance and long life span of 10 years.


Large flexibility - small portable size, free up valuable workspace; great productivity from anywhere, anytime access to the virtual desktop, no matter if the user is in the office or at a remote site.