Digital menu boards

The digital menu is one of the end products as a result of the integration of digital media. Its most common application is in the fast food restaurants, where the menu often changes and the central management, which the system offers is an easy and fast way to respond to the dynamic environment. This helps encourage the audience to buy a stated food, which is extremely important to minimize the likelihood of being stayed or wasted out.


The digital menu can be made as a system of displays broadcasting animated and up-to-date content targeted to make easier the customer's choice. It is scientifically proven that the animation that drives the food to move increases the desire of people to buy it. The displays could work in both the video wall mode and the totally different channels that emit different content types.


Another type of digital menu application is in the restaurants. Each restaurant has a menu that can be viewed in advance and which must provide accurate information about the products from which each dish is prepared. The most common solution is a public kiosk with an interactive surface and content that provides information to customers in a contemporary, attractive and interactive way. Thanks to digital technologies, it can be easily and quickly changed and make the image realistic through the live images and colors of the modern professional devices.