Benefits and advantages of digital media in healthcare


Each one of us, who happens to sit in the waiting room to see the doctor or in the hospital emergency department, knows how slowly and painfully time runs. Installing of digital media displays at the appropriate places, such as at reception, in entrance hall or in front of doctors ‘offices, would improve the overall quality of healthcare service, patients’ awareness of health issues and contributes to the good image of the health facility in terms of tough competition.


Digital media can also be an opportunity for each medical specialist to present his experience, specializations and successes, to offer additional health services or procedures to their patients. Digital media in clinics and hospitals could help to inform patients and visitors about professional achievements of their teams of medical specialists, to attract patients and to generate revenue.


Implementation of digital media system in healthcare facility could contribute for:

  • Improving the health facility image and distinguishing from the competition
  • Timely informing patients about the health facility’s basic and additional healthcare services
  • Increased opportunity for providing patients of the necessary information for their treatment and preventive and useful health advices
  • Effectively advertising and promoting the proper medical products at the appropriate time, the appropriate target patient audience



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