In our information-cluttered environment today, we became very adept at filtering out the messages, which we don’t need and are not interested in. Your visual announcements can acquire real value only when the message is relevant to the specific audience, at a specific time and place, on a particular occasion or circumstances. The content should be relevant to the type of customers and visitors, who would stand in front of the media displays and to the type of information they would expect to receive. In other words – to keep people engaged and to communicate your messages effectively, it is absolutely necessary to create the right context of the media content.


In the contemporary surrounding environment, advertisements are no longer just static images but dynamic and interesting video stories.


Thus, the change in the audience perceptions, requires a change from static to dynamic media content, as well. The dynamic image has a huge advantage for capturing the attention of time-constrained individuals in the contemporary environment of everyday hurry and information density.



Depending on the preliminary defined goals, digital media system can be used for fulfillment of various tasks – to inform, to promote, to direct, to attract attention, to assist in taking an informed decision or even to influence emotionally.


Generally speaking, the key factor for Digital media success, extremely depends on media content and its design layout – it should be live and interesting, corresponding to the audience requirements and looks professional.



The task that every digital media designer faces, is to create a content that is designed to take advantage of the complete system potential and, at the same time, to be an effective, professionally developed tool for audience impact and motivation.




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