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EMOCION – Визия за хотели



From the past to the future


The concept of a digital media in hotels has existed for many years. So far, it is most often present as a separate "TV channel" for use in the hotel rooms. The idea is visitors to be informed about the services they can use within the hotel - restaurants, entertainment, excursions and more in a facilitated way.


Today, thanks to the digital networks and the variety of displays and other imaging devices (kiosks, totems, interactive boards, and portable media devices), this information goes beyond the rooms not only to inform but also to create a feeling of a more enjoyable experience in the hotel lobbies, restaurants and lounges.


In hotels with conference centers designed for thousands of people, digital media is a fast and flexible mechanism for keeping information about conferences and exhibitions always up-to-date and accurate. It is also suitable for navigation (wayfinding), where do each service can be obtained and how to reach to a certain goal.





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