Digital Signage in retails is a key marketing tool for achieving maximum customer satisfaction


Today, current market situation of intensive production and offering of a huge variety of goods, require rapid changes in sales management.

If you want to carry out a successful marketing campaign, no longer it is sufficient to provide stock availabilities of a promoted product, to print and distribute a number of posters, to run series of TV and radio commercials and hope that all these actions will attract loyal customer base.


Traditional advertising resources aren’t already efficient enough – they are expensive and it’s quite difficult to calculate the return on investments. TV commercials are meant to be broadcasted to mass audience and, usually, the viewers switch to another channel to avoid them. And also simply overlook most of the posters that abound in public places all around us. Thus, the advertisers are forced to look for alternative promoting solutions to achieve better results for less cost. Retailers know that the most appropriate points of contact with the customer are the in-store areas, where the majority of purchase decisions are usually taken.


In-door digital signage in supermarkets, retail stores and shopping centers is a relatively new type of advertisement that allows establishing a contact with the potential buyers as well as with a wide range of target customers. Media displays located in different store sectors allow broadcasting of target messages in preliminary fixed key points.


Digital media has a strong impact on customers and in general, it helps to create their positive attitude and strengthens their brand loyalty. Today, the customers are looking for more than just buy something they need in the store. Shopping centers impose a new shopping philosophy.


Digital signage has the real potential to be one of the key tools in retailers’ strategy to attract loyal customers


The retailers who had installed digital signage screens in their stores reported definitely positive results. Soon, Digital signage screens are expected to become the main advertizing space, comparable to the traditional media utilized volume.




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