RISK Electronics is one of the leading companies on Bulgarian IT market with 25 year of extensive experience in the field of IT technologies. The company portfolio includes high quality products, as well as wide range of services and IT solutions. Company efforts are focused in developing and offering of integrated solutions aimed to the optimization of the IT systems functionality and the reduction of their total cost of ownership (TCO). RISK Electronics has an extensive experience in maintenance of various sizes of IT structures throughout the country.


RISK Electronics maintains a scattered structure of centrally managed service centers to support its customers across the country. The company service offices are located in every regional city and are managed by “Service maintenance” department, located at the headquarters in Sofia.Service requests are directed to the headquarters and then distributed between “Support” department operators and the system engineers in the relevant regional office. Our experience in the field of the IT services detects that over 95% of the service cases could be solved remotely, and just about 5% of the remaining cases require physical intervention. The scattered organization of our service offices structure allows to solve any service case in the shortest terms.


We offer two different types of services, depending on the terms agreed. By signing a service subscription contract, our customers receive not only significant price advantages, but also an opportunity for preventing future service problems through proactive protection and inventory of technological assets.