Telenor Digital Expo

Telenor Digital Expo

Mar 27, 2017

RISK Electronics executed the project “Digital Expo” for Telenor Bulgaria. From technological point of view the concept is extremely new not only for Bulgaria but the whole south-east region in Europe.


The created digital ambience includes the following:

  • interactive wall, consisting of 9 displays based on gesture-controlled content;
  • a touch sensitive interactive plot of 3 displays with object recognition functionality;
  • another interactive touch-sensitive wall (4 displays).


The content includes numerous applications that can be used for presentation of the telecom’s products and services. Inseparable part of the ambience is the audio system that enhances the overall impression with various management modes. The interactive content created by our media design team follows the corporate policy and rules of Telenor and at the same time is innovative in unison with the project’s goal.