The rapid development of the interactive technologies, visualization solutions and generally speaking – the new habit of living in a "digital reality" resulted in a different way of thinking that requires a new level of communication between the merchant and the customer.


Digital media and interactive communications are no longer perceived just like expensive and luxury resources, but as widespread tools that, on one hand help the customer to take the decision for a particular purchase, and on the other – as a tool to increase the merchants’ turnover and profit.       

Wi-Fi connectivity at stores helps the merchants to engage the customers in the shopping process more effectively. For example, the interaction with the customers’ smartphone could be a useful tool for exchanging information like detailed product description, related products proposals and current stock availabilities.


Interaction and communication with the customers could be performed by using of several different technologies and devices: NFC (Near field communication protocol), QR code, tablets, smartphones and others. Any time a consumer interacts with a digital application, whether it is a touch screen, RFID-enabled merchandise or a smartphone application, the interaction leaves a record that the retailer can then use to quickly analyze customers ‘preferences and to determine how to optimize current stock supply. For example, to plan a delivery of a certain popular product or to launch a promotion for a product that doesn’t seem as attractive as expected. If the selected item, for example, clothing or shoes, is not available in the correct size or color in the warehouse at that moment, the buyer could easily make an order and the his purchase could be delivered on site.


Current market trends contribute to the development of digital media as one of the main tools that help the traders to expand the use of mobile technologies to improve the sales management and to develop the process of shopping to an attractive and entertaining experience.